NGF-574H (before and after)

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After opening the early bird event,  I have been often asked (“almost everytime” may be more appropriate words in this case) if I could show them before & after photos when I introduce NGF-574H. Instead of the photos, I show hair phototrichogram data obtained in our clinical trial. The data clearly shows with statistical significane in comparison with placebo control the improvement in hair conditions (hair density by 13.8%, hair thickness by 27.0% and hair growth rate by 19.08%, respectively, in 16 weeks of daily use of the hair tonic from the baseline).  The response I received was like the data looks quite impressive but they still need before and after photos. Personally I do not belive much before and after photos shown in the advertisement of hair loss products as photos can easily be influenced by lighting and angle of the camera. Also in many cases they pick only the best picture in spite of quite a wide individual variance in efficacy.

I happened to find a website this morning where some before and after photos are posted after using NGF-574H hair tonic for about a month. It seems the photos are being shared voluntarily by the early bird users.  The website is actually an online forum about Medipost stock investment (the company who developed the product). You may think the photos there may be biased in favor of Medipost. To my experience, however, articles posted there sometimes sounds more skeptic than those you may find in other sources (bad news or opinion about the company is as important to the investors). The forum is voluntarilly established independent of the company. I think the photos there are fair enough.

Here is the website address, and you may find some before and after photos here (case 1, case2). All posting are written in Korean but you can translate in English easily if you use chrome web browser (I did myself and it worked just fine). For those who have difficulty in translation, I post here some photos taken from the website.

before & after.001.jpeg

It seems the photo at the bottom right may have some problem in lighting (it should be a miracle drug if it’s true in efficacy and onset time). Otherwise, it seems the product works for both of the gentlemen. Photos are taken after only about a month of product use and they promised that they would post more photos at 2 month and 3 month product use. I very much look foward to seeing the follow up photos.

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