NGF-574H, the innovative haircare product

Join the NGF-574H Hair Tonic Early Bird Experience program

I was lucky to be selected by Korean government for a research grant to study stem cell conditioned media and hair loss prevention in 2014. After 3 year hard effort to come up with active ingredient, our team identified a stem cell conditioned media from umbilical cord blood mesenchymal stem cell with optimized hair growth efficacy by “priming technology”. The priming technology employs a tactic where stem cell is exposed to an artifically constructued special environment mimicking alopeica micro-environment before secretion of trophic factors. We named the compound NGF-574H as the compound was identified and selected after testing 574 different compositions. You may find the story how we develop this promising candidate for hair loss here.

After another 2 year effort to commercialize the compounds, we are now just around corner to official product launch the new brand of NGF-574H in Korea with 3 products of hair booster solution, hair tonic and shampoo. The brand will be launched exclusively at clinics and hosptals in Korea. You may find more technical information here.

I started a facebook fan page as a part of premarketing activities and received a lot of inquiries asking how oversea customers should buy the product. No plan at the beginning, but we decided to set up a webiste where the oversea customers may order and purchase the product online. Still, however, there are many who are desperate for the product and cannot wait. We decided to conduct an early bird product experience progam specifically designed for oversea early adopter customers to try our product before the online website.

For those who have not heard the program yet, please see below a form, fill out and send. We will contact individually via email to review the order and ship the product together when the program ends.

Join the NGF-574H Hair Tonic Early Bird Experience program

Just for your information, following are yourtube video uploaded by a gentleman who obtained the hair tonic at a clinic in Korea (we supplied the product to key opinion leader clinic for experience before official launch) for about a month or longer. You may also find some more product review at my other blog article.


Join the NGF-574H Hair Tonic Early Bird Experience program

  1. sc kim 2019년 9월 15일 at 5:16 오후

    국내에서 그냥 슬쩍 탈모방지 헤어토닉을 아무런 광고도 없이
    출시하면 누가 알아봅니까?
    온라인 판매를 효과 좋다는 어마어마한 샴푸와 헤어토닉들 사이에 존재감이나 있을 까요? 요즘 생각하는게 게임회사들 보면 아무리 좋은 게임을 만들어도 마케팅이 도와주지 않으면 너무 많은 게임들이 쏟아져 나오기 때문에 어디에 있는지 보이지도 않는다는 사실을 명심해야 할 거 같네요.

    • vaniice 2019년 9월 15일 at 6:47 오후

      따끔한 충고 감사드립니다. NGF-574H 는 아직 국내 정식 출시되지 않았고, 헤어토닉 제품과 솔루션 제품 샘플이 KOL 병원 의사선생님들께 출시전 사전마케팅 차원에서 experience program 으로 소량 배포된 상태입니다. 9월말에서 10월초 샴푸, 토닉, 솔루션 (병의원 시술용) 3가지 제품으로 병의원 전용으로 출시 예정이고, 출시 전후 선생님 말씀대로 마케팅에 최대한 노력하겠습니다.

  2. 유아름 2019년 9월 16일 at 3:27 오후

    뭐가 자신이 없어서 도둑 출시 하나요?
    아예 출시를 말지, 그간 내용을 보면 효과도 아주 좋은것 같은데 호율적으로 마케팅하면 아주 대박일것 같은데 잘 해보세요!

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