사업적으로는 이 회사 비지니스 모델은 잘 설계했다고 생각한다. 남들 인허가 때문에 돈도 못 벌고 쩔쩔 매는 동안 빨리 치고 나갈 수 있던 원동력이 사실상 이러한 maverick kind of attitude. 하지만, 이제 우리 회사도 그렇고, 파미셀, 안트로젠등 정식으로 허가 받은 대한민국 줄기세포 업체들이 해외로 진출하고자 노력함에 있어 이런 뉴스는 큰 허들로 작용한다. 아직도 많은 서양인들 눈에는 대한민국 바이오 그냥 한 묶음으로 보이는 경우가 많으니…

1Stem cell therapy 2012 trend – the year of lawsuits!
Korean company RNL Bio was entertaining us whole year. If you want to have a business with them – it will never be boring! This week 2 “partners” of RNL Bio in US – Human BioStar and CellTex sued each other on a court. You can read a brief summary of this messy story on Knoepfler Lab Stem Cell Blog and also herehere and here. We don’t know who is going to win in this situation (maybe Dr. Ra?), but, obviously, not patients:

Celltex goes on to allege that its employees have been denied access to the stem cells and that RNL moved the stem cells to an unauthorized location without its permission, the filings state.

In addition, “there are customers currently requesting their stem cells for therapeutic treatment that has been ordered by their treating physicians,” according to the suit.

Kelly Hills wrote a great post on RNL Bio-generated lawsuits:

What can appear to be a vendetta to patients and patient advocates who aren’t familiar with a situation can actually be completely justified within context, and the context here around RNL Bio – of numerous concerns about safety, grounded in known side-effects and patient deaths – matters. That patients themselves were not made aware of the connection between Celltex and RNL Bio/Human Biostar, let alone the issues surrounding RNL Bio/Human Biostar for the past going-on three years, should be of a concern to patients.

Just to complete the picture, read about other RNL Bio lawsuits here and here.So, RNL Bio generated a fontain of lawsuits this year. We’re looking forward for 2013! We love entertainment!


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